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Donato Dozzy interviews Claudio PRC


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While waiting impatiently for the next TheFRAG with Claudio PRC – on Friday, the 16th of December – Donato Dozzy has realized an interview to our so young next Special Guest from Prologue label. Two styles and two generations in comparison. Donato Dozzy – one of the most well known italian producers abroad – and Claudio PRC have met in one of the most interesting german techno label: Prologue. These two artists are strongly unified both by a great mutual respect and their boundless passion for music and vynils, a feeling that resembles near devotion. Enjoy this interview, realized exclusively and as an absolutely international preview for TheFRAG. We wish you a pleasant reading!  


Tell me something about your roots and about the place you were born in.

Terralba, Oristano, Sardinia 1987. A fantastic place, ideal to spend the youth wandering with friends among the countries and enjoying endless days passed on the beach during the summer. I’ve grown in an exceptional familiar environment, love and education received by my parents have been fundamental for my human growth, for sure the thing I’m the most proud of and which will mark me forever. However, when you get older, you feel that reality that surrounds you starts being suffocating and you need more space, you feel the need to get to know new realities. For a person like me that needs to express all its inner feelings, a small provincial reality results too tight. I had the need to be understood, to confront and to communicate my thoughts to a wider number of people. This is why I’ve decided to move to Cagliari, a city that I love and where I’ve been living for the last five years, even if because of my artistic and professional necessities it’s starting to become uncomfortable…Nevertheless, growing up I’ve also begun to taste the authenticity of the things and to understand what is really fundamental in my life, and I believe that these moves are part of a run that will finish where it’s initiated. Quoting De Andrè: “The life in Sardinia is perhaps the best that a man can hope: 24.000 kilometers of forests, countries, coasts immersed in a miraculous sea are all together what I’d recommend the good God to give us as Heaven.” Sardinia is the only place that I can call house and it will be forever like that.

How has your passion for music grown?

I was born in a completely musical environment, when he was young my father used to be a big club dj also working in a radio station where he knew my mother and where they worked together. I’ve grown in the middle of an avalanche of music, between vynils of every kind and style, so I think that my passion for music is innate, I would not be able to imagine a life without music.

Sardinia, apart from being a wonderful island, it’s also a musically very fertile earth, so make me a panning on what sorrounds you: the most known producers but also some emergent talents that you’d like to point out.

In these years Sardinia has become one of the best places in Italy regarding the birth of great artists, not only referring to electronic music field but to music in general. Right now I’m listening to the last album of Dusty Kid, a strong signal that expresses how much musically fertile this earth is. It strongly seems to me that the music produced here has something of really special, authentic, the soul inside it it’s warm, unique. A characteristic difficult to find in other places, maybe the reason is that we live in the middle of the Mediterranean and the genuine spirit of the African rhythms are near us…

 The music is a strange thing, there is lineage but also sovereign loneliness (took from a Paolo Conte song). In which percentage are these two elements integrated in Claudio PRC?

In the music it is practically impossible to create something that has never existed. All that today sounds new it’s the combination of something already existing, and not of something that hasn’t never existed before. From this point of view, the lineage as a derivative it is therefore inevitable, it’s possible to find signs of past influences in a quite various range of stylistic movements. The sovereign loneliness, it’s that component of pride and spontaneity that brings me to be what I am and to realize my music. It’s ok to be influenced, but then when you compose music you’re alone with yourself.

There’s a very thin border which separates those two elements and the correct equilibrium is the result of the humble awareness of who you are. Everyone has its own sensibility and reacts consequently to the events, just as Conte says, but only if conscious of itself and of its own work there’s no risk to end in useless imitations and poor derivatives.

Your new double Lp will be out for the Prologue label on March. It’s the third long length by Prologue after Ciò D’Or’s Die Faser, realised in 2009, and Voices From The Lake, out on January. How has the adventure that brought you here begun?

I am very excited, I can’t wait! It’s a great satisfaction for me to go out with the album on Prologue after artists of the level of Cio D’or and Donato (Voices From The Lake), mine will be the first double vinyl 2X12″ for Prologue, and it makes me so happy from the moment that I (“still” as someone would say) play vynils.

The adventure with Prologue, or better with Tom and Michael, has begun in 2008, before the project of the label was born. They were looking for new artists to mirror their musical tastes, capable to give life to a project formed by people sharing the same passion for a certain type of electronic music. Cio D’Or, an artist that I profoundly respect, put me in contact with them and, since then, there has started immediately a strong human and professional relationship. This is the basic characteristic of our group which allows us to go on. Prologue is definitely the most important project of my life, I’ve had the fortune to meet these special people that have made me both grow and develop artistically, we have chosen everything together, step by step, from the first releases in digital, then passing to vynils, all the dates, thanks to the job of Alex and Daniela (my booking managers), and now the album. From the beginning, I have had maximum freedom in making music, expressing myself and this same freedom has allowed me to realize my first album in a natural way. I’ve felt for a long time the need to create a job that completed me, a personal need shared spontaneously by the whole group. An important footstep both for me and for the label. I’m very proud of  the reciprocity that has been created between the artist and the label, the music is what characterizes the label but the music and the artist need a space, therefore the growth of the label is the same growth of the artist. This is our main rule.

What does Claudio PRC listen to today? There is a time for every kind of music, it depends on my state of mind. I don’t want to limit my tastes, the main point is that what I’m listening to has to mirror my canons of quality and my tastes, obviously. I really listen to everything, depending on if a sound suits me in a determined moment. However, I have to confess that I can’t help myself, it has been years that I’m seriously mad for Techno, there is no day that I don’t listen to it.

Do you ever wonder which kind of music will you listen to when you’ll be the double of your years (which is my age)? Sincerely no. I believe nothing it won’t change in comparison to how much I said in before. However I like to imagine me, not among winds, but among thirty / forty years in a place away from everything and all, in the most total calm to listen to the silence.

If Claudio PRC tomorrow woke up in Donato Dozzy, on what you would work or would you like to intervene?

I could never answer to this question Donato. Donato is a great point of reference for what I do. I can only say that tomorrow I’d like to wake up and to continue to be Claudio, even the best Claudio ever. Being ourselves should be the most natural thing in our existence, while, as the world goes today, it is a continuous struggle that will probably engage ourselves the whole life through

Claudio PRC

(Prologue) IT


Translation by: Divna Ivić


Claudio PRC Donato Dozzy Prologue

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